This class is taught by:

Geri Downing

geri has been an avid yoga student for the last six years and has recently completed her 200-hour teaching certification at Yoga North in Duluth, MN. She teaches gentle flow, yoga basics & Kundalini yoga classes to all levels and ages of students. Geri has a warm heart and a patient teaching style that impacts students in a delightful & powerful way.

Students can expect asana, meditation and relaxation in every class she instructs. When not at the studio, you can find Geri teaching middle school or enjoying the outdoors.

Her philosophy of life:"Life is just a series of moments. If you miss the moments you miss your life."
~ Robin Sharma

Karen Walker

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Willing – to try, to explore, to create, to help, to understand, to discuss, discuss, discuss,

If your life was a soundtrack what would your theme song be? Climb Every Mountain – Sound of Music


What type of student do you recommend take your classes? All types! I enjoy working with new students, students with mobility/strength issue and the experienced yogis. I really like students who come to class with an open and inquiring mind, willing to try something new or a different approach to a pose. I’m really passionate about alignment based Yoga and BKS Iygenar style Yoga. I’m working more of that approach into my practice and classes with a kind, gentle, and creative approach.


What does Yoga mean to you? By practicing Yoga I have opened myself up to the possibilities. The chance to really feel and understand better my body and mind. My spiritual practice is evolving too. I have been able to be less judgmental about situations and people, be more willing to be flexible (mind, body and spirit), and open to new things. Yoga has helped me in the fear arena too. I am less fearful and willing to take more risks and experience the “new”. I breathe a whole lot better too! 


Jenna Hass

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What five things make you a great person?
I’m caring, passionate, organized, loving, and love people!

Any embarrassing stories where you learned a valuable lesson?
Embarrassing moments come often. I’ve learned mistakes are a part of life – laugh it off!

What is your mission, your vision, what yoga means to you?
My mission is to show everyone that everybody can do yoga. I hope to see a day when everyone does some kind of yoga.

Gentle, flowing and relaxing yoga class where clients will explore and move slowly and deeply through the postures. Great for beginners or anyone who wants to move and breath deeply and wants to enjoy a more moderately paced class.  Some arm balances and inversions may be taught, but it's the exception, not the rule.  We always end with a few minutes of savasana at the end of class.