SBT [Short Burst Training]

This class is taught by:

Deb Kleinendorst

Deb began teaching exercise during the fitness craze of the 80’s all decked out in spandex, leg warmers and high tops! She was an “aerobics” instructor first and has continued to build fitness into her life over the years.

Today the foundation of all Deb's teaching is Pilates. Pilates teaches balance, grace, strength and mind-body awareness. It also teaches people to move their bodies in a healthy and safe manner, both on and off their mats.

My certifications include Stott Pilates Mat, Stott Reformer trained and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. I am also trained in Stott Pilates Special Injuries and Populations and Stability Chair. I am currently taking the Stott Cadillac training with a goal of becoming Comprehensively Certified in the near future. I teach Pilates Mat, Reformer and related equipment classes, Barre, Ride, Trx, Kettlebells and Short Burst Training. I have been teaching at Center since it began and am deeply grateful for this beautiful community of students, teachers and friends.

My favorite quote inspired by my mentor Christina Andersen is “Life is not about finding yourself: life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw.

Karen Walker

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Willing – to try, to explore, to create, to help, to understand, to discuss, discuss, discuss,

If your life was a soundtrack what would your theme song be? Climb Every Mountain – Sound of Music


What type of student do you recommend take your classes? All types! I enjoy working with new students, students with mobility/strength issue and the experienced yogis. I really like students who come to class with an open and inquiring mind, willing to try something new or a different approach to a pose. I’m really passionate about alignment based Yoga and BKS Iygenar style Yoga. I’m working more of that approach into my practice and classes with a kind, gentle, and creative approach.


What does Yoga mean to you? By practicing Yoga I have opened myself up to the possibilities. The chance to really feel and understand better my body and mind. My spiritual practice is evolving too. I have been able to be less judgmental about situations and people, be more willing to be flexible (mind, body and spirit), and open to new things. Yoga has helped me in the fear arena too. I am less fearful and willing to take more risks and experience the “new”. I breathe a whole lot better too! 


Jenny Erickson

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

How did Yoga come into your life?
I started taking classes at a time in my life when my body needed to move and my mind needed to be quiet.


What is your mission, your vision, what yoga means to you?

Yoga is the beautiful dance of mental, physical, and emotional choreographed together to teach me, strengthen me, and challenge me to be more than what I thought possible. My vision would be for others to discover that same thought process for themselves.


Jenna Hass

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


What five things make you a great person?
I’m caring, passionate, organized, loving, and love people!

Any embarrassing stories where you learned a valuable lesson?
Embarrassing moments come often. I’ve learned mistakes are a part of life – laugh it off!

What is your mission, your vision, what yoga means to you?
My mission is to show everyone that everybody can do yoga. I hope to see a day when everyone does some kind of yoga.

Sarah Reid

5 things that I’m passionate about:
My kids
Exercise (specifically group exercise/CENTER)
Helping others
What type of student do you recommend takes your class?
Students at any level, meaning brand new or the seasoned fitness junkie, can and are encouraged to take any and all of my classes. Myself, along with the other instructors at CENTER, have the knowledge and ability to tailor exercises to fit each client’s individual needs and comfortability. I want to create an experience that leaves you feeling accomplished, not defeated.

Kelby Kleinendorst

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

What 5 things are you passionate about?

  • Helping others move & feel better
  • Challenging myself and others to grow physically & mentally
  • Learning & trying new things
  • Spending time with family & friends
  • Making time to take in as much fresh air as possible!

What type of student do you recommend take your classes?

Anyone that likes to get a sweat going and feel a burn! I think my classes bring something to the table for everyone. Students who enjoy high-energy classes and like to push themselves will leave feeling powerful and accomplished. 

What is your mission, your vision, what group exercise means to you?

My mission is to provide fun & creative classes that challenge clients mentally and physically. I want each client to walk away feeling successful and taken care of. Group exercise to me is a community of people coming together for the common goal of just "getting better". I hope each client feels they got a little better, a little stronger & a little happier after every class. 



A total body workout incorporating cardio, strength and endurance exercises. A variety of formats and props will be utilized. Expect to do HIIT, Tabata, circuits and more using any type of equipment from TRX to Kettlebells to Bodyweight. Expect to sweat in this well-rounded, full-body workout increased cardiovascular health, increased muscular strength and optimal calorie and fat burn.