This class is taught by:

Geri Downing

geri has been an avid yoga student for the last six years and has recently completed her 200-hour teaching certification at Yoga North in Duluth, MN. She teaches gentle flow, yoga basics & Kundalini yoga classes to all levels and ages of students. Geri has a warm heart and a patient teaching style that impacts students in a delightful & powerful way.

Students can expect asana, meditation and relaxation in every class she instructs. When not at the studio, you can find Geri teaching middle school or enjoying the outdoors.

Her philosophy of life:"Life is just a series of moments. If you miss the moments you miss your life."
~ Robin Sharma

Megan Petermann

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Laid-back 

If your life was a soundtrack what would your theme song be?
Anything by Patsy Cline

How did Yoga come into your life?Yoga came into my life my sophomore year in college. I had always wanted to try a class; so through my University I took a weekend long class which included intro to poses, intro to breath, and silent interaction.

What was your first class like?
The first class I took made me ask myself "why doesn't everyone do this?" It was physically and emotionally relaxing; eye opening.
What brought you back to the second class?
The feeling of how yoga made me feel strong, I loved how it made me stand up a little straighter with ease. I also loved how my mind could relax.


The perfect way to begin your week; a slow and steady stream of postures that builds up your energy and steadies your mind for the week ahead.