Deb began teaching exercise during the fitness craze of the 80’s all decked out in spandex, leg warmers and high tops! She was an “aerobics” instructor first and has continued to build fitness into her life over the years.

Today the foundation of all Deb's teaching is Pilates. Pilates teaches balance, grace, strength and mind-body awareness. It also teaches people to move their bodies in a healthy and safe manner, both on and off their mats.

My certifications include Stott Pilates Mat, Stott Reformer trained and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. I am also trained in Stott Pilates Special Injuries and Populations and Stability Chair. I am currently taking the Stott Cadillac training with a goal of becoming Comprehensively Certified in the near future. I teach Pilates Mat, Reformer and related equipment classes, Barre, Ride, Trx, Kettlebells and Short Burst Training. I have been teaching at Center since it began and am deeply grateful for this beautiful community of students, teachers and friends.

My favorite quote inspired by my mentor Christina Andersen is “Life is not about finding yourself: life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw.

Deb instructs the following:
  • *POP UP* Barre

  • BARRE is knows for the burn and this class is no exception. We combine a pulsing version of ballet barre exercises with the stretching and breath work of yoga and the core conditioning principles of Pilates for an all-inclusive and intense workout that is truly accessible by every level of student. This is a STRENGTH TRAINING class with some low impact cardio built in and an ALL LEVELS class - great for people who struggle with balance and great for people who really want to feel "the burn”!

  • Our REFORM:FLOW class is simply our Classic Reformer classes taken up a notch. Experienced reformer students will be able to flow faster, with more spring-weight options, for a more dynamic and well-rounded experience.


  • Pilates benefits the spine by creating and supporting a healthy core and posture. Each class will emphasize a full body strengthening workout utilizing the principles of the STOTT Pilates method. All levels are welcome.

  • ManFormer (Men Only)
  • Reformer class for the fellas!

  • CMB F.I.T.
  • You’re busy and every minutes counts. We get it.

    Our CMB F.I.T. class combines three proven fitness disciplines – yoga [for flexibility], pilates [for spinal stability], and functional interval training [resistance + high intensity intervals] for the most refreshing, efficient and fun workout you’ve had in a long time.

    Walk in with overwhelm, walk out with poise and purpose, feeling physically energized and mentally organized.

    Your day just got better.

  • Get the benefits of private training on the pilates equipment, and a fraction of the cost! Small group sessions allow for personal attention and corrections, but give a fun, energetic workout that will improve posture, core strength and flexibility. 
    NOTE: Students must be able to change their own spring and manage their own props. Prior Pilates Reformer experience is required.  


  • RIDE 50
  • This is what you’re missing; our signature high-intensity interval training ride. Climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains, and race against yourself in a class that will change your body and empower your mind.

  • Part Pilates, part yoga - Pi:Yo cranks up the intensity and speed of traditional Pilates and yoga to help you get the best of both of these potent fitness modalities.
    You’ll sweat, stretch, and strengthen in one low-impact, fun and body-sculpting workout PLUS you’ll finish with that oh-so-wonderful few minutes of final relaxation to set your day up with purpose and intention.