If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Compassionate.

What 5 things are you passionate about?
My family, fitness, my center job, my social work job, people in general. Oh and learning more about the things I love! 


What type of student do you recommend take your classes?
Depends on the class, but honestly any student can jump into my classes. I would modify for different fitness levels, so no restrictions regarding clients in class.


What is your mission, your vision, what pilates means to you?

Pilates is the foundation of all the fitness work I teach. It teaches balance, grace, strength and mind-body awareness. It also teaches people to move their bodies in a healthy and safe manner, both on and off their mats.



Deb instructs the following:
  • Pilates benefits the spine by creating and supporting a healthy core and posture. Each class will emphasize a full body stengthening workout utilizing the principles of the STOTT Pilates method. All levels.

  • BARRE FUSION combines ballet barre exercises with the stretching and breathwork of yoga and the core conditioning principles of Pilates. This is a STRENGTH TRAINING class with some low impact cardio built in. This is an ALL LEVELS class - great for people who struggle with balance and great for people who really want to feel "the burn"!

  • LIFT
  • Strengthen and tone the body in this power class. Exercises that build strength and definition in upper and lower body muscles will be the focus.

  • Get the benefits of private training on the pilates equipment, and a fraction of the cost! Small group sessions allow for personal attention and corrections, but give a fun, energetic workout that will improve posture, core strength and flexibility. *PRE REGISTRATION at least 4 HOURS IN ADVANCE and 24 hour cancellation policy.

  • Taking our Classic Reformer classes up a notch, our REFORMER: FLOW small group classes are challenging, fast-paced and fun! You'll move through a variety of equipment: reformers, chairs, and matwork to boost your heart rate up, power up your strength and increase ROM and Flexiblity.
    These classes are taught in a small group setting for maximum efficiency. Your body will be fit and functional. LATE CANCELS LESS THAN 24 HOURS WILL BE CHARGED FOR CLASS.

  • RIDE