Krista instructs the following:
  • The yoga movement has become dominated by women and men have stepped to the sidelines, yet MEN are the ones who need yoga the most - and that is why we created this unique class just for MEN.

    Active stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness synergize for a potent practice that doesn’t just impact your day, but you week and even your life. Science shows that men who do yoga are more productive at work, better partners to their spouses, and generally feel better in their own skin.

    If not this class, feel free to attend any of the yoga classes on our schedule. Our women are welcoming - we love to see men in any of our classes!

  • Nothing fancy & nothing pretzel shaped. Get to know the basic postures with a focus on alignment and breathing.
    This class is equally great for beginners and experienced practitioners for those bodies who crave the steady and supportive practices of yoga.