Because life IS awesome.   

A few years ago I met a couple of friends through CENTER who inspired the organization of a Banff Film Festival night. (You know who you are, and I can’t wait to visit you in Brazil 2017!) I like to plan things, so I was in charge of choosing the first 5 "shorts" to watch and this video was by far and away the crowd favorite.  I watch it pretty frequently.  

Like when the chaos of opening Sukha finally reached its fruition this past spring and my head - and my endurance - were about ready to explode.  My incredibly supportive husband sent me flowers and wrote me a note quoting the closing line of this video.  I cried because I desperately needed the reminder that the best way to feel the ocean is to dive right into the waves.  

My alarm ringtone is the same one that opens this video because it inspires me to get by butt out of bed because we all have dreams... but they don't mean much if we don't act on them.

This video has become my personal manifesto. I watch it when I’m feeling sad, annoyed, frenzied, tired, uninspired… even when I’m feeling happy and I want to feel happier.

If I die? Someone. Please. Play this at my funeral, have an insane dance party, and we’ll call it good.

I love THIS video.  Because I don't want to say "I wish".

I want to enjoy every bit of life.

Enjoy Sunday.