Kids these days...

Every single generation has said some form of that. If not about the generation they themselves raised; then about the generation being raised by their offspring. And even though every parent’s ultimate goal is to make life a little easier for their kids, we can’t help ourselves in thinking, "They have it too easy".

So why is that a problem when it is exactly what we wished for?

Because when we reflect back on our own life, we know that the foundation of our own character was built from our failures far more than our successes. Mistakes taught us to be humble and compassionate. Losing fueled our focus and determination. Imperfections kept us alive and humming with imagination and creativity. We became competent in the process of screwing up and developing the skills, and the relationships, to fix it.  

So it’s scary to see the Risk-Averse Millennials (“the most risk-averse generation since the Great Depression”) because they are too perfect; they never screw up; they always win. Where will the opportunity to grow and learn come from if they skip the trial-and-error step; if they never get out of their comfort zone?

We can be disgruntled about it all we want, but we can teach best by example. If your own life has gone into cruise control; step on the brakes and get back into the game. Don’t stop learning now. Try new things. Be the worst person in the room at something on a regular basis. Keep on growing, evaluating, questioning. Develop a new skill set. And most importantly, enjoy the process. Failure leads to success, no matter what the age. And it’s never too late to be the person you might have been.

And maybe someone out there will be inspired to do the same.

Enjoy Sunday.