Love What You Do

[By: Sri Satchmo] In an ancient kingdom there was a master builder of great skill. The kingdom prospered under their wise and benevolent king. The master builder served the king his entire life and was responsible for all the buildings of splendour to be found in the kingdom. For the great king, the builder had constructed many glorious palaces and impenetrable forts. When the old king died he was succeeded by the his son.

By this time the master builder himself was getting old and was hoping that his building days were over. When he approached the young king to ask his permission to retire from service, he was surprised at at the new king’s response: “Very well. You have served my father well and for so long. Before you enjoy your leisure, I ask one final project. You must build for me a grand palace as your last task.”

The tired master builder was greatly irritated with the young king’s request and grumbled to himself, “Doesn’t this pompous youngster have enough palaces?” He had no choice but to comply and begrudgingly began the task of building another palace. As the project moved along the old master builder became increasingly bitter and spitefully plotted to cheat his king. He began to cut corners everywhere: he used lesser building materials, he was careless in his work and he even started dipping his hand into the building funds.

When it came time for the inauguration of the new palace the young king was on hand. The master builder felt he had done well to cheat the king who he found ungrateful. After the king had lighted the lamp he approached the master builder in front of all who had gathered. With folded palms, the young king offered the old builder a garland, a gift and these parting words: “Dear master builder-ji, you have long served my family and your kingdom with your exceptional talent and skill. We are all grateful for your service and I bestow on you this very palace to enjoy for the rest of your days.”


Of course we must try to do more things that we love.  But when you "must" do things, you also have a choice.  

Choose to love what you do, too.  Happy Sunday,