Pilates & Points Program

One of the things that makes CENTER so unique is our focus on ‘functional fitness’; movement practices that actually improve your quality of life by not only improving strength and agility but also by preventing injuries that can occur from improper mechanics and poor form. Functional, mind-body fitness improves your ability to perform the activities you love to do.

When it comes to functional fitness, Pilates is our shining superstar. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a high school athlete, a mom on the move, or recovering from an injury, Pilates is the ideal supplement to absolutely any activity, at any age, for any level.

Pilates is the fastest growing program on our CENTER schedule and with good reason: Pilates should absolutely be on your fitness plate too (if it's not). Here is an INTRO to STOTT Pilates Video (spoiler alert: this is a cheesy!).  And, here are a few promos to get you started:

- Pilates Master Class: Peak Performance & Injury Prevention at any Age | with Guest Instructor Kelly Dormady & Liz Ulseth
- Already have a Plus Membership? Take 50% off a Private Pilates Refresher Session
- Ready for the next level? Attend our FREE Info session “So You Wanna Be a Pilates Instructor”

Learn how to start earning point to use towards workshops, gear, punchcards and more! Learn more...

Our Simply Be Registration Closes at 12midnight on Sunday, August 10th. Get out of the box (aka your office and your home) and retreat with us! View our Simply Be 2015 Photo Album Here.