The Wealth of Abundant Thinking

Scarcity is scary. Whether you feel like there is not enough [time / money / energy / resources / love / fill in the blank ] in your life, it inevitably leads to a feeling of entrapment; of being stuck in a corner with the walls caving in and only two options; dig or die. If you choose to dig, it inevitably leads to feelings of anger, resentment, hurt, frustration and jealousy. Little by little, you begin to contract as a person and eventually you realize there really was only one choice after all.

Abundance, on the other hand is opening and empowering. When you feel like there is enough, like YOU are enough, it somehow is. You rise up to meet challenges, you openly ask for help, you share your successes, and generosity brings you deep joy. Investing feels like a gift to your future self instead of a punishment to your current self. You see the big picture and your value in this world. Instead of feeling trapped, you feel enlivened and excited by the adventure that is life.

The good news is, abundance is a state of mind much more than it is about your actual bank account. Fortunately, switching gears to the abundance mindset is simple and it starts with gratitude for what you already DO have. You don’t have to wait for a windfall lottery win or even a small raise to start putting deposits into your "abundance bank account”. Just like with a real bank account, it adds up, and usually with compounding interest.

Have an abundant Sunday. Enjoy your contentment.