The Hard Way is The Easy Way

A few years ago I went to a workshop looking for the magical ingredient that would help me master handstanding. We spent 4 hours talking about alignment for keeping shoulders, neck and head safe. We tried a bunch of different props to both make it easier and more challenging so we could build strength and feel the perfect posturing. On and on and on we talked about the benefits of getting your body upside down and a million other nuances.

And then, almost in passing, this yogini master of inversions and arm balances mentions “Well… I mean... you do have to do this stuff regularly... like... every day you have to practice.”

As someone who places a high value on efficiency this was not the news I was hoping for. But, as a frequent flier of the “cutting corners method” I know that it rarely works out in my favor. I’m sure I’m not alone...

* Has anyone else tried to save a few minutes by carrying in a few too many bags of groceries only to have a mess to clean up when one rips?

* Has anyone else tried to train for an event more quickly than recommended only to end up with an injury that sets them back?

* Has anyone else given in to their kids annoying tantrums to quiet them at an inconvenient moment only to realize that it’s never convenient and the subsequent tantrums only get worse?

In the moment, the easier way seems to be saving time, but cutting corners rarely yields favorable long term results. Patience, practice, hard work and self-compassion are the magical ingredients. And it isn’t usually easy.

In fact, the most potent and profound moments are the ones where we really, really (really) want to give in, but we stick to our morals and values and refuse to be derailed.  Practicing when the sun is shining and the wind is at your back is great, but you become stronger and better when you also practice in the rain and the wind is giving you whiplash.

Whatever your goals and dreams are, be it handstands or happiness, embrace the day and the opportunity to work on you.

Have a happy Sunday.