Forget What You THINK You Know.

Once there was a man who took the vows of a Yogi. The first of these 10 vows was the vow of Ahimsa, the sanskrit word for non-harming. As part of the vow of Ahimsa, he was devoted to the diet of a strict vegetarian.

This Yogi lived deep in the hills with his mother where they kept mostly to themselves and went quietly about their life. One day, the mother fell quite ill and they needed to summon a doctor. The doctor looked at the woman and knew instantly that she was anemic and that if she add a little meat to her diet, she would quickly regain her strength and health.

Even though he was worried about leaving his mother alone, the Yogi went into town to purchase some meat for his ailing mother. He headed back home as quickly as possibly to deliver the remedy and to nurse his sick mother back to health.

The townspeople saw him from their store windows and they began to talk. “Did you see The Yogi? He took a sacred vow is now breaking that vow in the public eye! And did you see how quickly he was to get out of town? His guilt is obviously getting to him!"

When something happens that doesn’t quite make sense, it is human nature to try and find the answer to the question “why”. Confusion is uncomfortable, so, in an attempt to make sense of our world we begin to make up a story without really knowing. Unfortunately, our story is very rarely right. And unfortunately, we will continually find ourselves on both sides again and again throughout our lives.

When we find ourselves on the side of the townspeople, unfairly assigning malicious intent to the actions of others, there is huge value in hitting pause and instead offering the benefit of the doubt.

And when we find ourselves on the side of the Yogi, being unfairly judged for our decisions and our actions, there is huge value in finding comfort in our authenticity instead of reacting defensively and angrily.

Forget what you think you know about other people and instead invest in knowing yourself and your values on a deeper level.

Truth is King and Compassion it's Queen.

Happy Sunday to your Royal Family.