To Be First or Not To Be.

In a recent interview, Gabrielle Reece, volleyball player extraordinaire, talked about winning and the most important kind of “first place”. I agreed with her sentiment wholeheartedly and was reminded of it while checking in for our flight yesterday morning:

It was early and as we reached the front of the check-in cue, the woman at the counter caught my attention. Part of it was her natural beauty, but mostly it was the way she was greeting people. She looked up with bright eyes and a wide smile that somehow projected a sincere feeling of warmth and welcome from across the room. When we we next, she called us to her station and as she picked up each of our passports she looked at each person directly, said “Hello”, and gave a warm smile. When she arrived at my passport she added, “You have beautiful eyes!”.

Damn! She was first!

She first to make eye contact. First to smile. First to say hello. And then, bonus, even though here I was having all sorts of kind thoughts and flattering words running through my mind about her, she was first to offer a compliment.

This is friendly competition in it's truest form because in these moments, we all win. In this particular instance, my own smile immediately widened and I jumped at the opening to say something kind in return. It cost nothing, yet enriched my life.

So I challenge each of you to a friendly competition today and here it is: BE FIRST.

Kindness is contagious.

Happy Sunday!