Patient Persistence 

The Story of Chinese Bamboo
[mostly written by Rory Vaden; edited just a bit by me]

Like any plant, growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing through water, fertile soil, and sunshine.

In its first year though, we see no visible signs of growth.

In the second year (again), there is still no growth above the soil.

The third year? Nope.

The fourth year, if you haven’t given up? Still, no signs!

But then in the fifth year – something amazing happens. The Chinese Bamboo Tree grows. And grows and grows and grows… The Chinese Bamboo Tree grows 80 feet tall in just six weeks, practically before your very eyes.

Did the Chinese Bamboo Tree seed lie dormant for four years only to grow exponentially in the fifth?

Of course not. For 5 years, the little tree was growing underground and out of sight, developing and shaping a sturdy root system and foundation that would be strong enough to withstand its potential; its majestic future height.

The same is true for people; they also want to grow and succeed and reach majestic futures.

The patient people will toil. They will overcome doubt, adversity, and challenge. They will wait and endure and continue to nurture their dreams and aspirations all the while building strong characters and pouring a deep foundation. When success finds them, it has the support it needs to grow exponentially. The sky is the limit.

Meanwhile, the immediate gratification seekers have not been establishing those roots. If they haven’t dug up and thrown away their dreams altogether, their success is usually fleeting and easy to topple. They haven’t become the person they need to be in order to maintain the heft and the height.

It takes discipline to work while you wait. It takes belief in yourself to keep going even when nothing seems to be happening. It takes confidence to trust that you will always get paid for how hard you work; sometimes now, often times later, but always eventually.


Put a little persistance in your pancakes today.

Enjoy Sunday.