Try It.

You Might Like It.  

This email is coming out later in the day today because we are just returning from our 2nd Annual Sukha Staff Retreat that we hosted at The Wilderness Lodge over the weekend. While there were many returning staff, there were just as many newbies, and there were plenty of "get to know you” moments and opportunities to reflect on what makes each of our staff unique.

Of all of it, my most proud moment about the crew we have collected was when all the pens and papers were put away, all the official brainstorming and inquiries set aside, and we simply sat around a perfect bonfire under the nearly full moon serenaded by the beautiful strumming of an acoustic guitar. Every single one of our staff could be heard singing, in various off-tune keys and less that perfect verses to a plethora of obscure songs that crossed all generations. It turns out our staff does not have a hidden talent for singing. But the proud part was; they are willing to have fun trying anyway.

While I realize that words alone can’t magically manifest skills and characteristics out of thin air, it is far too common to hear people use words to excuse their lack of participation in life and stunt their personal growth. They convince themselves they “can’t" before they even set foot in the arena.  How many frustrating times have I heard “I’m not flexible so I can’t take a yoga class” or “I need to get in shape before I come in and workout”?  Anyone can see how backwards it is to expect to have the skill FIRST and the participation later. Did we not learn anything from Mikey (pictured above) about LIFE.  And who knows, you might actually LIKE IT, or at least have fun trying.

Want to try something new this week?

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And do more than TRY to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.