Unlimited Youth

You Are What You Think You Are.

When I hear someone pronounce “I’m too old”, I internally cringe. Not because I’m in denial of the passing of time, but because I know that the minute those words are uttered a person goes from willing to resigned. It’s a slippery slope and one that I hope to keep myself, and our CENTER students, off of for as long as I possibly can.

Because age is just a number. We all know people who are of the exact same numerical age but who live completely different lifestyles. You either keep moving and grooving or you don’t. You either keep showing up, or you give up. You either actively pursue the things you love or you resign yourself to a life of steady decline.

Sister Madonna Huber (as shown in this 60 second Nike video clip) is an inspiration, but she doesn’t have to be an exception. Unlimited youth is possible. Believe it. Be it. Become it.

Enjoy Sunday.